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USE ME! Essentially, this is a catch all for everything. This is probably the ONLY category where things that are not directly related to Rising Tide affiliates/allies should go. For example if a coal company goes out of business (and we didn’t directly cause it) it should probably only go here.


A Little Will Go A Long Way. Donate To Rising Tide North America!

Our Annual End of the Year Plea for Support. Dear Friends of Rising Tide, Wow. And we thought 2012 was huge. In 2013, we did some amazing things. Not only did we fiercely resist oil, coal and fracking, but we also embodied the saying “Think Globally, Act Locally” with a deep compassion. We are a large decentralized network spanning Canada, Mexico and the U.S. allying with those most impacted by fossil fuel extraction. Whether it’s blockading pipelines and tanker trucks or organizing training camps to…

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RT Chi

Rising Tide Chicago: Citizens Dressed as Elves Set Up Frack Rig on Governor Quinn’s Lawn

From Rising Tide Chicago Citizens Dressed as Elves Set Up Frack Rig on Governor Quinn’s Lawn Chicago, IL —Monday morning four concerned community members dressed as elves visited Governor Quinn’s Chicago residence and set up a hydraulic fracturing rig with a large red bow attached on the front lawn.  The “elves” said they were delivering a present from Santa who has been nervously watching the dangerous practice of hydraulic fracturing or fracking inch closer and closer to becoming reality in Illinois during the past year.…

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Wild Idaho RT: Tar Sands Megaload Resistance Solidarity

{{unknown}}Cross-posted from Wild Idaho Rising Tide Updates and additions to Idaho & Montana Tar Sands Megaload Protests! Over the last month by Christmas Eve, Umatilla and Warm Springs tribes, Rising Tide groups, and allied organizations and activists have staged dozens of actions escalating Northwest resistance against tar sands mining and megaload exploitation of indigenous and public lands and people.  At least five Umatilla-led protection ceremonies in Pendleton, four Port of Umatilla protests and blockades, three Portland and Seattle area office occupations of megaload hauler Omega…

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Support The Climate Insurgency

It is time. The fight against fossil fuel extraction has never been so fierce. All over North America, a spirit as old as the forests and mountains is sweeping our movement.  From the Appalachian Mountains to the great plains of Oklahoma to the Salish Coast on the Pacific Ocean, a great resistance to mining and drilling, fracking and mega-pipelines and export terminals has formed in defiance of Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Gas. Can you make a small donation to support Rising Tide North…

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