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Rising Tide Chicago: Citizens Dressed as Elves Set Up Frack Rig on Governor Quinn’s Lawn

From Rising Tide Chicago Citizens Dressed as Elves Set Up Frack Rig on Governor Quinn’s Lawn Chicago, IL —Monday morning four concerned community members dressed as elves visited Governor Quinn’s Chicago residence and set up a hydraulic fracturing rig with a large red bow attached on the front lawn.  The “elves” said they were delivering a present from Santa who has been nervously watching the dangerous practice of hydraulic fracturing or fracking inch closer and closer to becoming reality in Illinois during the past year.…

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Wild Idaho RT: Tar Sands Megaload Resistance Solidarity

{{unknown}}Cross-posted from Wild Idaho Rising Tide Updates and additions to Idaho & Montana Tar Sands Megaload Protests! Over the last month by Christmas Eve, Umatilla and Warm Springs tribes, Rising Tide groups, and allied organizations and activists have staged dozens of actions escalating Northwest resistance against tar sands mining and megaload exploitation of indigenous and public lands and people.  At least five Umatilla-led protection ceremonies in Pendleton, four Port of Umatilla protests and blockades, three Portland and Seattle area office occupations of megaload hauler Omega…

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Portland Rising Tide: 15 Activists Arraigned, Total Bail Set At $150k Following Blockade Of Tar Sands Megaloads

Cross-posted from Portland Rising Tide FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/18/13 Media contacts: Trip Jennings, Portland Rising Tide – [email protected] – 541.729.3294 David Osborn, Portland Rising Tide – [email protected] – 503.516.8932 15 ACTIVISTS ARRAIGNED, TOTAL BAIL SET AT $ 150,000 FOLLOWING BLOCKADE OF TAR SANDS MEGALOAD MONDAY John Day, OR: The people arrested Monday night blockading the tar sands megaload were arraigned today in the Justice Court of Grant County. Fourteen were charged with five misdemeanors, one with six and the minor arrested in the action was…

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16 Arrested as Climate Justice Groups Halt Controversial Tar Sands Megaload in Oregon

12/16/13 Media contacts: Yoko Silk, Portland Rising Tide – [email protected]; 541-517-7766 Stephen Quirke, Portland Rising Tide – [email protected] – 941-525-0076 16 ARRESTED AS CLIMATE JUSTICE GROUPS HALT CONTROVERSIAL TAR SANDS MEGALOAD John Day, OR: On Monday Dec 16, climate justice groups stopped the movement of a controversial shipment of equipment bound for the Alberta tar sands. Concerned citizens locked themselves to two disabled vehicles in front of the 901,000 pound load blocking it’s route along highway 26 outside of John Day. Police responded and arrested…

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