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Help Make Climate Justice A Reality In 2013

Donate to Rising Tide North America and Help Make Climate Justice a Reality in 2013 Our climate movement is fierce. And we’re not afraid to stand up to the worst drilling and mining companies on the planet. Over six years ago in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Rising Tide North America emerged as a radical force in the climate movements. Seeking to connect the dots between climate change and social justice, we have built a network throughout North America that has not only fought…

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Daring Tree Occupation Launched In Texas To Stop Keystone XL Pipeline

DARING TREE OCCUPATION LAUNCHED IN TEXAS TO STOP KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE Dear Friends, Exciting news has broken. This fight to stop the flow of tar sands oil in Texas has taken a dramatic turn. This morning, courageous actionistas with Rising Tide North Texas and the Tar Sands Blockade have begun tree-sits in rural East Texas blocking the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. JOIN THE TAR SANDS BLOCKADE These eight people have taken to the trees near Winnsboro,TX in an effort to prevent oil giant…

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Occupy the Climate

OCCUPY THE CLIMATE Dear Friends- The Occupy movements for economic justice and against capital and corporations has exploded across the American political landscape. The momentum is unbelievable and we can hardly keep up. Whil big banks and Wall Street foreclose on homes and lay people off , the same doomsday economy is also destroying eco-systems, communities and the climate with fossil fuel extraction.  Whether it be natural gas fracking, coal plants, oil refineries, or mountaintop removal mining it all leads to one thing—a slow grinding…

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The Summer Edition of Burning Issues is out!

The Spring Edition of RTNA’s newsletter, Burning Issues, is out! This season’s pieces include: direct action halting of heavy-haulers carrying tar-sands equipment shipments through Montana; Kentuckians occupying their governor’s offices to demand the abolition of MTR; our “Nuclear Reaction”; shutdowns of the National Coal Council’s meeting in St. Louis; updates on Tim DeCristopher and more.

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